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Smart Investment World, a long time and profitable financial and insurance firm, was founded in 2003 and headquartered in Ahmadabad, Gujrat, India. The company started its operations within the field of finance and life assurance with the target to reduce financial risk and provide financially guard against unpredictable life occurrences. It's been served quite 2500+ clients till now with its valuable services.

The main functioning area of the corporate is the insurance sector in which it's been providing non-competitive services for more than eighteen years. The company offers various insurance plans from time to time.
The list of insurance schemes that the corporate offers currently, are -

  • Employer-Employee insurance — It's one within which the employer/company purchases the policy for its employees. This insurance scheme is an opportunity for an employer to give reward to its employees in a unique way and also helps him to attract and retain talented employees. Under the E-E insurance scheme, the employer gets tax exemption under section 37(1) of the income tax act on premiums paid by him as a business expense.
  • Child education and marriage — A child plan is an investment cum insurance plan that aids in the financial planning of future needs of your kid. It ensures the lump-sum payment to your child on maturity to cover his college fees or marriage expenses etc.
  • Business insurance — Our company is offering multiple insurance plans which will protect your business from several kinds of losses. The list of varied business insurances are —
    • Goods and stock insurance — covered loss by theft and loss by fire etc.
    • Property insurance — damage to property from accidents or floods or earthquakes.
    • Worker's compensation insurance — covers medical treatment, disability and death benefits.
    • Cyber liability insurance — all kinds of online damage such as electronic data on computer systems.
    • Crime insurance — include theft, forgery and other crime-related losses.
  • Royal retirement plans — Our retirement plans help you to live a similar standard of living that you simply used to live in your earning days. They're specially designed to satisfy your post-retirement needs like living and medical expenses etc.
  • Pension solution - It may be a kind of retirement insurance plans that helps you to accumulate your savings over an extended period and use those savings after retirement. It ensures you the regular income inflow after getting retired so that you'll be able to live your life smoothly in the same manner as you lived in job days.
    Our professionals are constantly providing financial consultancy services to their clients that help them to create their wealth with optimum fund utilization. In this way, they're ready to meet their financial goals in very little time.
    To supply insurance and financial advisory services, our company is additionally acting as an investment trust, aims at an increase in the capital value while preserving investors' wealth. Two main categories of capital investments are:-
    • Growth investment — The investors are willing to take risk of the market’s ups and downs like investments in shares and properties etc.
    • Defensive investment — These are more focused on generating regular income instead of capital growth and thought of lower risk than growth investments. Defensive investment may be in the form of -
      • Bank deposits
      • Investment in bonds and debentures.
    • The third and new founded category of investment is an investment in Mutual funds that invests your money in multiple assets on just one occasion like shares, bonds, banks and properties with the assurance of high returns. Further, there are two commonest ways to invest within the mutual funds —
      • Lump-sum investment plan
      • Systematic investment plan — SIP investment

In lump-sum investment, you invest all amount in one shot while SIP allows you to invest fixed and little amount on fixed intervals.
Smart Investment World has multiple attractive investment plans for you which ones help you increase your capital worth by minimizing financial risk.

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Customers Testimonials

Smart Investment World is professional to the core. Deep technical research client services and high ethical standards underpin their success.

Yogesh Panchal


Very professional and reliable from beginning to end. Smart Investment World is clearly out to make a difference to the level of service offered to customers. Great value for money.

Rajesh Modi


As a long-time client of smart investment world I have found team to be always honest, professional and very knowledgeable in their profession. they helped me secure and grow my funds for which i am very thankful.

Kalpesh Radiya


Team of smart investment world invests their time to get to know my goals and understand my preferences, such that their advice is always very personalized to what I need.

Mantukumar Verma


I am very pleased with smart investment world and their team. They always explain my investments to me in a way that is easy to understand and always available if I need advice.

Sonal Jain


I have a great sense of comfort and trust working with Smart investment world. I know that they will always make the best suggestions and truly cares.

Rekha Chauhan

Govt. Teacher

Experience with other Financial Planners fell far short of those with Smart Investment World. I've been instrumental in getting other family members to move their accounts to Smart Investment World and their team.

Jignesh Patel

Ex.Army Officer


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